The environment inside your home not only has a great impact on your family’s comfort, but also on your overall health and wellbeing. It goes far beyond temperature control to indoor air quality and ventilation.

High-tech, high-efficiency indoor air quality and ventilation products are gaining traction among homeowners, providing new ways to monitor and clean the air inside your home.

With the air inside the home having a higher concentration of airborne contaminants than outdoor air, you can’t afford to forego indoor air quality and ventilation solutions. These new technologies are rising in popularity, offering the power and convenience homeowners need to gain cleaner air indoors.

1. Foobot Smart IAQ Monitor

This innovative product simplifies the monitoring of indoor air quality conditions for homeowners. Integrated with smart thermostats offering data accessible through an online dashboard, the Foobot tracks airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, and volatile compounds (VOCs) within the air.

When indoor pollution spikes, the system will alert you with the information you need to protect your family, including the type of contaminant and the concentration level within your home.

2. Fresh-Aire UV Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation (APCO)

This system offers advanced air scrubbing for your home. This whole-home air purifier is installed within the central air conditioning system’s ductwork to eliminate contaminants in the air as it cycles through the system. The system disinfects the air handler and evaporator coil to control mould growth within the system to maintain effective airflow.

3. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

These advanced ventilators improve ventilation within the home without energy loss. An ERV uses waste energy from the exhausted air to condition the filtered fresh air moving into the home.

4. Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans and Blowers

Offering enhanced air movement, these products come with built-in electronics that commutate input power from the air conditioner to direct current (DC). DC offers energy savings and reduced costs through better speed control of the blower or fan.

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